“Those who watch and wait”, a song cycle for Percussion Quartet and Mezzo Soprano


6 October 2015

“Those who watch and wait” is a song cycle for Mezzo Soprano and Percussion, composed by founding 4-MALITY member Jan Bradley.

The work is centered around the words of 3 female WWI poets, whose poems are set to music in 3 separate movements. 4-MALITY was thrilled to be collaborating for the first time with Mezzo Soprano Sarah Castle.

  1. Immer steh ich am Fenster
    Frida Bettingen (1865 - 1924)
  2. The Young Soldier
    Katharine Tynan (1861-1931)
  3. Les Femmes de tous les pays
    Cécile Périn (1877-1959)

The premiere took place at the Lake District Summer Music Festival in August 2015.