Quartetto di Cremona plays the Stradivari's ‘Paganini Quartet'

5 October 2017

The violins are the 1727 ‘Comte Cozio di Salabue’ and 1680 ‘Desaint’; the viola, is one of just 13 surviving by Stradivari, is the ‘Mendelssohn’ of 1731, the tone of which so inspired Paganini that he commissioned Berlioz to write Harold in Italy for it; and the cello is the 1736 ‘Ladenburg’, thought to be the maker’s last. (..Strad)

Please read the article on the Strad Magazine https://www.thestrad.com/news/quartet-of-stradivarius-instruments-once-owned-by-paganini-back-in-action/7158.article